Для Вас, когда хочется узнать больше


    ДЛЯ ВАС, когда настало время восстановить свои силы в удивительном мире SPA


    ДЛЯ ВАС, когда хочется  разделить яркие  впечатления с  теми, кто по-настоящему  дорог: программы, курорты и отели, парки развлечений, детские  лагеря  и обучение  за рубежом


    ДЛЯ ВАС, когда Вы влюблены, счастливы и  беззаботны


    ДЛЯ ВАС, когда невозможно пропустить важное  спортивное  или культурное событие


    ДЛЯ ВАС, когда бизнес прежде всего: полный комплекс услуг по организации деловых поездок, переговоров, семинаров, конференций


- Fast Track - Our services give you an opportunity comfortably and with the minimum expenses of time to pass all formalities connected with registration of departure or arrival at the airports of S.Petersburg and Moscow

- Transport Services - IQ TOUR is delighted to offer you to rent car with a driver for some hours o for whole day, to book transfer from airport to hotel or from hotel to exhibition, any meeting. Also we are offering transfer with guides.
Both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow we are offering first-class transportation services. Our cars are always clean and in an excellent technical condition. We are ready to offer you Economy class cars, Business class as Mercedes S, minivans, minibuses or VIP cars as limousines o sportive luxe cars.
Please note! If You have a lot of luggage, please, discuss this point with our managers to avoid some problems and misunderstandings with the driver.Time of waiting in airports (railway station) is 1 hour from the time indicated by the client or from the scheduled time of plane landing (train arrival). When this time is over, the order is considered fulfilled, or, if agreed with the client, each hour of waiting is paid according to the price list. Prices on request.

- Air & Rail Tickets - IQ TOUR has its own Air & Railway tickets department. That’s why you can book or purchase air- and train tickets to any destination worldwide (internal or external). Our professional department can give you possibility to buy a ticket at advantageous prices, based on your needs and abilities by using all possible discounts and incentives. Our managers helps you in searching information, which is necessary during your trip (convenient connections and transfers, ordering different meal types on-board, location of airports and railway stations worldwide, information about a town/city, a country, where you stay).

IQ TOUR reserves tickets with international airlines special fares through the computer reservation systems “AMADEUS”, “SIRENA”, “GABRIEL”, “SABRE”.

We have direct agreements with such airlines as “Russiya Airlines”, “Aeroflot”, “Lufthansa”, “Austrian Airlines”, “KLM Royal Dutch Airlines”, “Emirates”, “British airways” and a number of other Russian and foreign airlines.

For organizations and enterprises we offer special cooperation conditions. Also we offer so kind of service as bringing your ticket wherever you are at the suitable time.

Besides air tickets for regular flight and railway tickets, IQ TOUR is ready to offer vip business aviation, helicopters.

- Concierge Service - IQ TOUR offers a suite of sophisticated and valuable concierge services for our Clients.

What is concierge services and why you need it? Now in a day and age when time is money, we all seem to have so little time to spend on ourselves and not every our client has time to plan, create, research and to do every detail of travelling. Instead of you worrying how you are going to get it done, IQ TOUR is ready to do it for you.

We have actively sought partnership in each location in which we operate, and we have built up strong relationships with our suppliers. For example any restaurants recommended and reserved by us will be personal favourites which we have tried and tested. With our knowledge of the Saint-Petersburg and Moscow (also other wonderful places of mysterious Russia) we are in a position to present you everything that the Saint-Petersburg (or Moscow) has to offer.

- Russian Visa - All foreigners (except citizens of some former Soviet republics) visiting Russia need a visa. In order to get one, travelers need an invitation from a Russian citizen or a company, which is then taken to a Russian embassy or consulate, where the actual visa is issued. Within three working days of arrival in Russia, the visa needs to be registered by the person/organization that issued the invitation.

Prices for processing Russian visas vary according to the applicant's citizenship and the embassy/consulate applied to.

There are six types of Russian visas, but most travelers get one of three kinds:

Russian Tourist Visa
Tourist visas are best for short visits. According to Russian law it is illegal for a hotel to provide you with an invitation if you are not going to stay there but this law is broken more often than it is followed. Many agencies can get you a visa and have it registered without a night booked in a hotel, and many hotels will give you give you an invitation and register it even if you're only staying with them for part of your trip.

Russian Business Visa
Business visas aren't just for foreigners working in Russia. Far more flexible than tourist visas, they are often the best choice for tourists who are visiting friends and don't need a hotel, or who are looking to spend an extended period of time in Russia, especially those who want to travel independently or extensively. In order to get a business visa you need an invitation from a Russian firm, which can usually be arranged through a visa agency. You do not need to plan hotel reservations or an itinerary to get a business visa.

Student Visa
Student visas are a great deal; they're flexible, lengthy, and entitle you to Russian prices for trains, planes, the theater, and a host of other goodies. The only catch is that you have to prove enrollment at a Russian institution. If you are planning to enroll in a Russian university, the school authorities can probably help you arrange the visa.

Other Visa
Other types of visas include Transit Visas, On-the-Spot Visas, and Diplomatic Visas. Transit visas can be a cheap option for travelers headed for China or Central Asia, but it's often hard to make it in and out of the country in your allotted window of time. On-the-Spot Visas are dubious, not universally available, and very expensive. Diplomatic visas have a narrow range of applicability.

Visa FREE rule
In accordance to the legislation of Russian Federation (RF Government Resolution №397), foreign tourists and persons without citizenship or relevant visa and/or proper permission travelling on ferries may arrive to the Russian Federation without Russian visa for the period of 72 hours being part of organised excursion group. VISA-Free journey can lasts up to 3 days.

If you want to visit St. Petersburg without a Russian visa, you should to remember a few basic rules:

  • According to the law a passenger must arrive at the port of St. Petersburg aboard a ferry and leave in the same manner, be part of organised excursion group (City Bus Tour in this case) and comply with the rule of no longer than 72-hour stay. 72 hours period begins for the moment of crossing border control.
  • All passengers travelling on board are required to present a passport before entering the ship.
  • All passengers travelling visa free have to reserve sightseeing program in St. Petersburg in advance. Visa-free travelling concerns all passengers.

How to Get a Russian Visa?
We take care of visa support for our travelers and provide you with all the necessary documents for obtaining Russian visa including invitation, voucher (with confirmed accommodation) - so called visa support documents. We send you these documents normally by fax or per e-mail.

To obtain a Russian visa, you should submit the following documents to a Consular Section:

Completed visa application form (one per person)
Valid national passport (its validity should exceed the planned date of departure from Russia by 6 months)
Three black-and-white passport-size matt-finish photographs
Invitation and voucher from receiving company in Russia (IQ TOUR)
Important to know: the visa fee is paid to the Consular service issuing visas in the respective country. Its cost varies.

- Guides & Interpreters - IQ TOUR is offering professional guide and interpreter services.

All our guides are state-licensed professionals who speak great English, most of European, Oriental and other languages. As required we are ready to find guides speaking some exotic languages.

Both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow we work with responsible guides who know and love the history of their cities and are passionate about what they do. Our guides have great experience of working with individual VIP clients and specialized groups. They will apply all their efforts to make you trip both informative and safe.

If you are planning to hold conference, congress or seminar in Saint-Petersburg, we are ready to provide you with professional interpreters for simultaneous translation.

If you would like English or other language speaking guide to meet you upon arrival to Russia, we will be happy to provide you with our guide on Transfer service.